What AJ animal r u ( for aj players only)

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Thread Topic: What AJ animal r u ( for aj players only)

  • Here is the description: number 1 post wat animal u r or what animal u wanna be. Number 2: put the alpha YOU are most like. Step 3:put if you are member or non-member. EXTRA EXTRA put your user if you wanna be my buddy or this is my user: seal75591 PS I thought of dis name on 1 of my first accounts and I'm a bunny sooo ya well g'bye ( nyan cat theme song plays) wat!?!? A phantom on gotoquiz!?!?!? What the heck?!?! Is gotoquiz linked with AJ or what??
  • otty Experienced
    I wanna be a bunny and i eanna be greely and im a non-member and ma usename is Kiera!

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