I disagree with my quiz score

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Thread Topic: I disagree with my quiz score

  • Dmw Newbie
    I strongly disagree with my quiz scores,an i also think that I most certainly am not a lefty in any way .the answers don't fit the questions in a,b c or d because my reasons for my answers change the veiw an if you don't know why I answer or feel the why I do how can you put me in a box based on a one way answer,
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    d_h Senior
    So chances are, you're not gonna see this considering you've probably used these forms is just a way to go over the political spectrum quiz

    But regardless here's my response. You may be confused about what being left wing means as liberal and left wing are not the same thing at all, just like Conservative and right wing are not the same thing at all. Right wing and left wing are economic policy measurements while liberal and Conservative, our social policy measurements, just thought, I should point that out because a lot of people get confused between the 2 or are misguided

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