In the news, I heard that Donald Trump has no chance

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Thread Topic: In the news, I heard that Donald Trump has no chance

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    Could this be true? But either way, isn't Ted Cruz in the lead? He want to make some immigration rules and send any immigrant back. But aren't his parents immigrants? And HE is Cuban, no?

    If I got stuff wrong, please do tell me. Sorry if I am asking stupid stuff, but I want to know.
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    The Geek Expert
    Trump has a good chance. He is the only republican candidate worth knowing about at this point.
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    O1Awesomeness Novice
    DT is racist
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    The Geek Expert
    I'm glad you have such an open mind O1'
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    But they said that he isn't gaining much popularity. That he has a LOT of fans, but that other candidates are close to that and some even going over that standard.

    DT may be racist, but he is clever enough if he is getting that much popularity. Maybe besides being racist, he may turn out to be a good president. A strong leader.
    But I don't know. It's not clear.
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    madid Senior
    Once the actual elections start, Trump won't have a chance.
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    IHLAOY Experienced
    Ted Cruz is American, bro. He was born in Cuba, moved to Canada, became a Canadian citizen then an American one in 2005. Where you're born doesn't matter for the purposes of immigration, only your citizenship does. Moving on.

    Immigration is never, I repeat, never as simple as 'Candidate wants to send ALL immigrants back.' If you meet someone who implies that, I want you to slap them for me. Strawman is the second worst fallacy that a person can commit. I'd get up you, personally, for it, but I can understand how you'd lose sight of the bigger picture, what with your system being as needlessly competitive as it is.

    Both candidates have differing views of immigration. I don't know that they are, because I live in a good country, but I know for a fact that it's not as simple as 'Send them all back.'

    That said, Donald Trump doesn't really need to gain popularity. He's been top of the charts for what, three months now? It's only recently he's moved down. I'm no expert, but I'm sure it's just a phase.
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    rubio was born in cuba not cruz
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    I got that wrong about Ted Cruz, then. Excuse me for living.

    If I do meet someone like that, I'll gladly slap them for you!

    "Competitive" is an understatement :/

    No, Donald Trump doesn't. He clearly has been in the lead. You're right about that. @IHLAOY
    Oh. I got them mixed up. People say that all candidates aren't too pleased with immigrants and that they are all racist (some more than others). But I don't know. Or care. Be as it may and let the chips fall where they land. @unstoppablepanda3

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