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    Mario Mon
    Ashs story when he and the gang get trapped in a Super Mario Bros. Game and Bowser has trapped Pikachu.. Fantasy, Adventure and Action and Romance combined in one story.
    Hope you enjoy and please review this.
    All I can remember that it was dark and some strange force pulled me, Brock, May & Max and Misty. I knew somewhere that Iris and Dawn came with us, but I think they got lost somewhere..
    Quickly I shook Brock awake. Poor guy, he had lost all his Pokmon to that turtle creature-guy except for his Sudowoodo. May, on the other hand, had lost nothing. Max had his dads Vigoroth with him.
    Brock said coolly Where are we?
    I shrugged and said I Dunno. I was already stunned by this event and couldnt figure where we were.
    I asked Brock to make some food with the leftovers of his bag. We were going trekking on Mt. Silver and also took Tracey with us because this was the first time we were going trekking. He didnt enter the portal with the rest of us, and he was probably the last thing on my mind as he was skilled and could get out the mountain himself.
    After Brock gave me my strip of Bacon and some coffee, May and Max woke up and ate breakfast.
    While we were eating, May gave us that glance which clearly said if we knew where the f---ing hell were we. I returned the same glance. Wow, I have good staring abilities...
    After finishing and washing up we decided to see if we could find Dawn or Iris. After travelling all five regions, Bruno of the Elite Four was stepping down I was notified to take his place by Hoot-Hoot mail.
    I shook my bag for Pokeballs.
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    No offense but what the cock?
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    The f--- did I read?
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    Better story than most things I've read lately.
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    And then the pokeballs fell out. I did Gangnam Style on top of it and then shouted for a telephone! telephone! telephone!!
    May asked me why was I acting like a f---in' drunkyard and i went and threw her on the ground and kicked here.

    Wow, said brick-headed Brock.
    I asked them to help us find Pikachu with my Poke'balls! I shouted COME ON OUT YOU f---ING SQUIRTLE!

    The stupid thing did not come out, so I decided to throw the pokeball in the fire where Brock made up Bacon and Squirtle died. Good riddance.

    I choose the stupid grass hagged Venusaur instead to help us find Misty, Iris and Pikachu. it nodded.

    With Blaziken, Venusaur, Charizard and Sudowoodo, we set out for the journey which I thought would never come.......
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    How does this Gibberish even fit the politics thread, young man?

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