I hate my friends(:

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Thread Topic: I hate my friends(:

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    Sports19 Novice
    My friend told the guy i like that i like him. Well, atleast i dont have any classes with him :/ but she only did it cuz i kept forgetting to tell her crush hi for her (i have classes with him and she dosnt) lol(: i hate my friends(:
  • Lorah Newbie
    I feel so sorry...they might not be what you would call a good friend
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    well your

    jillion: mean

    jade: pithetic

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    Sports19 Novice
    Well the thing is shes my best friend and... Well... Also... Last year i kinda accinentally told her crush that she likes him (in all fairness she did say i could, but i didnt know she was being sarcastic). And also, in a way i was kinda happy that she told him since i dont have to worry about it being awkward in class since i only have lunch (not even same lunch room) with him. And, his friend kind of told me with him right there that he liked me last year (told me last year) but i have no idea if they were just screwing with me, or telling the truth (guys do that ALOT in my school:/) but, my point is, she is still a true friend and im not mad. Hense why the smily is there with "i hate my friends(:". Cuz im laughing as i say it lol

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