I'm kind of scared...

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Thread Topic: I'm kind of scared...

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    tomboykaitie Novice
    I've been so down the last few weeks. Like, I don't think I had ever been THAT low and I'm not going into details, but just think of it as an all-time low that I was in.

    But erm, today I woke up instantly in a good mood and I don't know why but I've been feeling like smiling suddenly, though on the inside, I'm not really in a smiling-mood. I'm almost kind of scared to be in this mood.
    Does this make sense and has anybody ever felt this way before????? Or am I just going crazy?

    I feel like smiling on the outside though I'm freaking out on the inside. I think somethings wrong and it's scarying me.
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    Sisi Novice
    o.O me too kaitie. these weeks, right after i started skool, i went into a type of depression. i've never felt this low b4. but its good for you cuz now ur coming out of it, and there's nothing to b scared about. probably just a phase. but unfortuneately i haven't got out of mine yet. :P i just feel really angry & depressed.

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