That awkward moment..

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Thread Topic: That awkward moment..

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    KBlue Novice
    That awkward moment when..
    You're deep in thought and realize your staring at someone
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    That awkward moment when...
    Your sister is half naked rubbing lotion on her stomach.

    Ohh... Gotta love that Nikki. xD
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    izme Novice
    i wuz in class daydreaming & i relize im starring at my friend he wudnt talk to me the whole day
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    alyk4321 Novice
    When you burst out laughing in dead silence about something that happened earlier.
    When ur whole class is quiet but u didn't get the vibe so your still talking then when u finally relealize no one else is talking u see ur teacher giving you a really creepy look.
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    Home_gurl Novice
    Lol ive experience most of them except 4 ifmn's one 0.0
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    Kish Hot Shot
    ,...when u look both sides on a one way road

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