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Thread Topic: Hello

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    Selena112 Advanced
    Late post.
    Hey emogirl.
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    Wolfeyes77 Novice
    I had a samich in my head
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    Selena112 Advanced
  • great my ipod was not cooperative sorry if i take forever to respond
    @ mila hi, wait ur 13 me too!
  • @selena um did i do something?
  • PTVmusicPTV Newbie
    Haha yeah nice to meet you too emogirl!
  • hi
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    Selena112 Advanced
    No... It's not you... Unless you're my mom...
  • hi leviathantales15! :)
  • @selena maybe i am *evil laugh*
  • btw you can all call me scarlet
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    takos_rule Junior
    Just came by real quick to say hEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLo~! :D
  • TAKOS! *runs and hugs you* HI, im so weird today
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    Selena112 Advanced
    That'd be kinda creepy, Scarlet.

    ETAKOS. *death huggle*
  • @selena haha!, yes it is, I'm a very creepy person

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