What happens when I'm on Warrior Cat's Forums

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Thread Topic: What happens when I'm on Warrior Cat's Forums

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    bunniesrule Advanced
    Cinderheart: Whoa, it sure is boring here...
    Cinderpelt: I know...hey, at least we have Yellowfang, she'll think of something.
    Yellowfang: *Making deathberry smoothie for Brokenstar* Come here, sweetie!
    Brokenstar: Oh no...*runs*
    Yellowfang: *Chases*
    Cinderpelt: Nevermind....
    Cinderheart (to Cinderpelt): Haven't I seen you somewhere before? Like, in a puddle?
    Cinderpelt: I doubt it. Its not like me to randomly appear in puddles.
    *Yellowfang comes back*
    Yellowfang: *Takes out to-do list, puts an x beside "Let Brokenstar sample my finest deathberry smoothie* Hey everyone! Who wants to help me bake a deathberry pie?
    Cinderheart (to Cinderpelt): Me neither... Still, I think that I have Seen you in a puddle... And for some reason, you were moving at exactly the same time as me... Strange... D'you know anything bout herbs??? I do. I'm not sure why, but I do....
    Cinderheart (to Yellowfang): OOH! ME ME!!! I know a lot about death berries... For some reason...
    Cinderpelt: Oh yeah! I was ThunderClan's medicine cat!
    Yellowfang: Fox dung! Were out of deathberries!
    Cinderheart (to Lionblaze): LIONBLAZE!! COME BACK TO ME!!!! *tackle huggs Lionblaze*
    Firestar: OMSC IT'S CINDERPELT MY BEST APPRENTICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *huggles*
    Cinderpelt! Fayyastaa! *Turns into bouncy kit*
    Cinderheart (to Yellowfang): Darn it!
    Firestar: What's with Yellowfang and deathberries?
    Jayfeather (To Firestar): Ever since she fed them to her son, shes went crazy *Watches Yellowfang swim in a pool of pics of deathberries*
    Sandstorm (to Firestar): Hey, Firestar, guess what? I'm expecting!
    Lionblaze [to Cinderheart]: WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME?!?! *throws waffles* Whoo! Wafflez for everybody!! *insane eye twitch*
    Leafpool [to Jayfeather]: JayJay!!
    Cinderpelt: Whoa whoa whoa! Back off! Firestar is ma man!
    Sandstorm: Ex-CUSE meh? CLEARLY, Firestar is MY mate. Now, isn't that right, Firey?
    Firestar: Yeah, but Cinderpelt is still my best apprentice!
    Cinderheart: I'M DROWNING! (starts drowning in pile of skittles.) LIONBLAZE!!! SAVE ME!!!
    Jayfeather: *To Cinderheart* I'll save you, my love! *Jumps in and saves her*
    Cinderpelt: I refuse to stay just a best apprentice! Kissy kissy Firestar! *Leaps onto Firestar*
    Cinderheart: *looks at Cinderpelt* Hey, Leafpool, do you notice anything strange about the two of us???"
    Jayfeather: I know! Cinderheart is Cinderpelt reincarnated!
    Blackstar: I'll save you, best friend!
    Cinderheart (to Jayfeather and Lionblaze): OMSC Lionblaze! I'm like, SOOOO over you! Jayfeather is mine now!!!
    Spottedleaf: Oh, Firestar. Is this a bad time, honey?
    Lionblaze: Spottedleaf! You're back from the dead! BE MINE!
    Jayfeather: YAY!!!!!!!!!
    Yellowfang: Try some of my smoothie, Blackie! *Grabs Blackstar*
    Blackstar: NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! *Gets dragged away by Yellowfang*
    Cinderpelt: *Insane eyes* KISSY KISSY KISSY!
    Spottedleaf: Uh, do I know you? Meh, wth, you look a bit like Firestar! *runs over to hm*
    Cinderheart (to Jayfeather) OMSC!!! Am I really??? Well that explains SOOO much! *Walks up to Cinderpelt and pokes her with a paw. Giant dragon things come out of the sky because they have touched like in that old episode of Dr. Who when Rose touches baby rose. Does anyone remember that one???
    Cinderpelt and Yellowfang: I REMEMBER THAT ONE! *Let go of Firestar and Blackstar and start gossiping about that episode*
    Lionbaze: *grins* Boo-yah.
    Leafpool: I DISAPPROVE OF THIS!!
    Yellowfang: Who are you, StarClan? *Goes back to gossiping with Cinderheart and Cinderpelt*
    Cinderheart (drags Jayfeather over too Cinderpelt): Jayfeather, this is Cinderpelt, I'm her re-encarnation! And when we touched, the dragon things came out of the sky, and--- OH NO!! DRAGON THINGS!!! EVERYONE RUN FOR COVER!!!! *hides under Jayfeather*
    Cinderpelt: FIREYYYYYYYYYYYYY! SAVE ME! *Dragon thingy chases Sandstorm and Spottedleaf* Problem solved *Wink* *Molests on Firestar*
    Sandstorm: AHHHHHHH!!!
    Spottedleaf: Oh, Lionblaze, you're so hawt... Oh, look at that. A dragon thingie is chasing me and Sandstorm.

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    lilfreakgryl Advanced
    What happens when you're on GTQ forums, oh wait, we're not important :[
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    OZZYIOMMI Advanced
    Dx Lil.

    That's cool, Bunnies. Really Epical. [Not Sarcasm]
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    Moyashi Experienced
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    bunniesrule Advanced
    Awz, sorry...D: I promise to be on more

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