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    barberbob2 Experienced
    I would have a weapon though. i would have my towel. And anything less than a gun, and I could fight them. And even if they had a gun (depending on how cocky they were. >.>) I could still fight them.

    A towel will only rip if you weaken it's integrity first. And I would rather the towel soak up infected blood than have me soak up infected blood.. Smashing a skull makes plenty of noice, not to mention alot more effort. You would only need two to stealth walk. fold them over and tie them around each foot. And if theirs more than one zombie around you, you're longer weapon will just become awkward and get in your way. And as for flagging others down, why would they kill me? All I have is a towel! And it could be a weapon if it soaked up that blood you were talking about. Not to mention the fact taht it could be a weapon anyways.
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    Ellis Newbie
    Well we're talking about a towel alone versus a two handed weapon, if we're talking about just having a towel in addition to a weapon then there really isn't anything to debate about is there? :P

    You could just as easily avoid zombies and try to be really stealthy without a towel. It may help with that a little but when you do have to confront a zombie an actual weapon works better. Also people may try to kill you so they can eat you cause they're starving or just whatever. People are crazy and desperate. And as for a two handed weapon being awkward that would only happen in a closed in space in which case you'd have a hatchet or something else instead.

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