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    Puppet master12 Hot Shot
    When people discover their partner is cheating on them, why do they usually respond with violence, or aggression to the third party?
    It’s just something I see a lot in tv shows, movies , fan fiction and sometimes from real life stories.
    I don’t think violence should be the reaction at all, but why do people assume the third party is at fault?
    A stranger might not know your partner is taken for.

    Its just rare to see that the victim reacts violently towards the third party and is told by other people that it was a dick move if that makes sense? Usually in tv shows and stuff it’s met with “ would have done the same” while the cheater is forgiven.

    I’m just curious
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    Stability Junior
    I've never understood this myself.
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    Puppet master12 Hot Shot
    I can kind of understand feeling betrayed if the third party is known / trusted by the victim, but the majority of examples I’ve seen are strangers.
    The third party doesn’t have any connection to the victim, but the cheater does.

    A while back there was this incident at my school.

    This girl ( A) was dating (B) and (B) had gotten a job at a ( redacted) one night on his shift he sees ( A) on a date with another boy ( C).
    Now ( C ) did go to the same school, but was the year below ( A) and (B) and did not know that (A) was taken.
    (B) starts yelling and threatening ( C ) Andy then the story gets muddled.
    Some people say (B) just hit him in the restaurant, some people say he told them both to leave, and I don’t know if he got fired because I am not friendly with ( A) or (B)

    However they’re still together, and ( C) who didn’t know is basically being called a dick and stuff for going on a date with ( A).

    ( A) apparently had done this on purpose to make (B) jealous , but in my opinion (C) was the victim.
    Yet a lot of people seem to disagree and say (C) is the guilty party.
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    RelevantNerdist Advanced
    Definitely A in that situation

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