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Thread Topic: I wouldn't normally do this

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    For those of you who don't know, which is everyone because I don't advertise it much, I have a YouTube channel under a different name from my GTQ name. On this channel I make tribute and theme song videos for different video games. I am currently working on a Smash Ultimate Fighters theme songs but I am having trouble coming up with songs for certain characters and I have already asked some of my subscribers for help. It helped a little but I need some more help. I'm going to list the characters I don't have songs for and everyone tell me what song you think fit the fighter. Don't worry about getting all of them, just do the ones you know.

    Dr. Mario
    King Dedede
    Wii Fit Trainer

    Please don't suggest I Need A Doctor for Dr. Mario. I don't like that song.
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    Puppet master12 Hot Shot
    Wii fit trainer - whipped into shape from the legally blonde musical.

    Greninja - do the f---ing Naruto theme because f--- greninja
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    Don't know what's the matter with Greninja but okay.

    Anyone else?

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