I always seem to remember this website every two years

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Thread Topic: I always seem to remember this website every two years

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    Raven11 Advanced
    I spent a ton of time on this forum when it was still called "Offbeat" back when I was 11,12, and 13 years old. I remember feeling close to people on here, and good lord do those people deserve stars in their crown for putting up with my terrible Soap ideas where my "character" was an idealized version of myself except with zero depth or personality.

    I laugh at my old quizzes, few of which I have ventured to go back and take. I laugh at the "boys only" after my "would I date you" quiz that I made in early 2011, as I know identify myself as bisexual and have only now- seven years later- have finally gotten my first boyfriend after dating multiple girls before him.

    I suppose I'm writing this to say that I hope this is still as friendly a community as I remember it to be. I don't expect anyone to remember me, as I know that we were all 8 years younger.
    I hope everyone has a wonderful day.
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    Do I know you?

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