I have come back.

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Thread Topic: I have come back.

  • welp Newbie
    Accounts: nice400; nice401; nice402; Mopthefloor; nice403; du99999
  • Alright
  • welp Newbie
    Should we become friends?
  • Sure
  • welp Newbie
    Ok then mr wolf :p
  • Sup
  • welp Newbie
    I think I might change this to my official thread from today on
  • O.k.
  • welp Newbie
    Its so boring being sick and Im bored. 😐
  • welp Newbie
    I think Im gonna go play some random games. Bye for now
  • Same
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    DracoMalfoyFan Advanced
    Wolfs name is Duane, Hiccstrid and Sphinx are gone. ^-^
  • ?

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