Hey, I'm back!

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Thread Topic: Hey, I'm back!

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    Beautiful123 Advanced

    Please help me! I'm making a story on my iPad and I want an interesting plot twist.. please vote or tell me some other plot twist I can use :)

    Thanks for being here!
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    Beautiful123 Advanced
    Damn it, wrong poll. Sorry.
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    Beautiful123 Advanced

    s---, this is embarrassing.
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    RelevantNerdist Experienced
    Boy turns out to be serial killer
    And girl breaks boy out of prison
    But then girl gets killed in police shootout
    Boy then turns into a psycho
    Boy kills people who put him in prison
    Boy gets killed
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    Stardust1 Junior
    And girl gets raised to life again and haunts her enemies but eventually decides to join the Teletubbies, because they're as evil as her.

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