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    The night is still young.
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    Dark22978 Hot Shot
    It's midnight.. tf you mean still young
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    It's 11 here. Still kinda young, my friend in a different time zone xP
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    Dark22978 Hot Shot
    My bedtime is 9:30
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    wut bedtime
    wuts that
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    Dark22978 Hot Shot
    It's when your bed goes to sleep ;)
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    damn my bed hasn't gone to sleep in a long time

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    Bloody tears fill a bitter cup
    The devil, once a noble man
    Had lost something dear and turned his back to humanity
    And my clan became cursed to hunt
    100 years and the cycle resets
    We slay Dracula and yet he lives
    These thoughts of indignation great drive me
    The reaper is the only obstacle before the master of this hell
    Screaming souls bounce around the reaper, crimson glints appear in a vacuous gaze
    Freshly tattered cloth floats in the air, falling at my feet
    A cacophony of anguish is released by an unhinged jaw
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    Walls surround, tombs enclose
    This cavernous catacomb devours
    An abyssal tear is opening in the floor
    The skeletal abomination has ensnared me
    I raise my head
    My ancestors stared this monster head on
    I crack the Vampire Killer against the ground
    The reaper speaks
    "Belmont, for far too long have you impeded the master. I shall separate your head from its anchorage and present it to him."
    A double bladed scythe flies across the room
    I chant, unleashing a powerful spell
    Azure light fills the room
    A cross forms around my frame
    Burning the reaper
    I strike at him with my whip
    I fear no death
    I am here for the devil's head
    I will not stop at a simple sealing
    I am here to rid the world of that scourge and free my clan
    But the reaper is not done
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    My favorites of my castlevania writing
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    The Devil's Castle has opened its gates.... The sprawling main hall choked with zombies. The Wargs protecting the entrance howl as you enter. Brandishing the morning star, the Vampire Killer, you advance. The bloodmoon seeps through the glass of the windows.
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    Ever vigilant and dauntless you walk through the beast of chaos. You wander contemplating on one subject. Does the lord of the night live again? For what reason has Castlevania opened its gates? Will my family be freed of the curse? What of Dracula? He is a shell of a man, pitiful his plight may be, he is not justified.
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    I want candy
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    I'm gonna play Rondo of Blood. Then study more.
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    As above so below
    The grave haunts me
    Curses I speak
    Death I see

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