Have any of you ever been to The Deep Web?

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Thread Topic: Have any of you ever been to The Deep Web?

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    I'm interested in it
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    WolfLove Hot Shot
    a bit
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    Woah, really?!
    Did you use The Tor bundle?
    And what is on the deep web??
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    Nakita Senior
    The deep web is extremely dangerous and mainly consists of illegal content, the FBI estimates that deep web content is roughly 80% child p---. I HIGHLY recommend that you never attempt to access it.
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    1714 Hot Shot
    I remember making a thread JUST LIKE THIS one you little cuck

    and lol, nakita is wrong
    only a bunch of pussies believe that
    the deep web is a section of the internet that can't be indexed by surface web search engines and the surface web in general
    the deep web has a lot of trivial and absurd content, but the dark net is where you would fine child p---ography, drug traff---ing or distributing websites, assassination websites, illegal p---ography and what not
    but if you STAY OUT OF IT and don't get into illegal things on the dark net the deep web is a pretty fun and vast place to discover
    and you can even report some of the illegal content to authorities so you will be fine if you just get a good proxy like Tor and run it

    just use a proxy, ALWAYS

    people will find you and your identity
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    Eh, i was interested in the deep web, the dark web isn't really in my interest
    But how do i access the deep web?
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    WolfLove Hot Shot
    i used tor bundle
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    is there any other way?

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