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    katqueen45 Advanced
    Let us commend the Lords. She finally has one.
    *loses within an hour*
    Frimping shrubnuggets kwok foo with this darl pieces of chicken and spudding frimps. Frimp it all. You have no idea how much I'm cussing in potato language.

    Rules and Regulations:

    ~No spam. Please no spam.
    ~No cussing unless in the potato language.
    ~No hating, racism, or spam. NO SPAM.
    ~Randomness encouraged.
    ~Uniqueness encouraged.
    ~Cyber bullying encouraged. Sorry none of that either. Alright Slendeeman which one if your kids did you let get a marker?
    ~Frimp yeah it exists now.

    I might show my drawings here from time to time, but I already have an art thread.


    Black is my face color
    It's like my soul.
    Ask me why I'm putting this here
    And I'd say "I don't know :D"

    So.. Politics. No that's boring.. Umm.. Weather. Shrubnuggets this ain't no news station..

    Steven Universe. I'm addicted. Gravity Falls, mostly addicted. Creepypasta. Not as addicted as SU. Gay ships. Are. My. Life.

    I'm a pansexual potato :D

    Okay ima go ahead and push submit before my dumb foo somehow deletes it all.
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    katqueen45 Advanced
    Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeee no one answered
    Time to talk to myself and the voices in my head.
    Hey Scar, Hey Vinny! Tell these people to repond

    Scar: Hey!! Hay is for horses! HEHEHEHEHE. Ever watched a horse mating video?? Ahaha
    Me: Dirty minded son of a -

    Vinny: Everybody go fu-
    Vinny: ...
    Me: FRIMP
    Vinny: -_-
    Vinny: -_- go frimp yourselves. Satisfied, bi-
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    Zaxx Experienced
    You amuse me.
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    katqueen45 Advanced
    Me: You intrigue me.
    Scar: Is he cute?
    Me: shut the hell up Scar
    Vinny: Can I stab him?
    Me: No unless we talking virtually, go ahead.
    Vinny: 🔪🔪🔪
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    Zaxx Experienced
    Stab me, yes- I like being stabbed.
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    Jayfeather310 Experienced
    Heyo. I need Luna pics, badly.
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    katqueen45 Advanced

    There you go :)
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    Princess_Luna Newbie
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    katqueen45 Advanced
    Vinny: I like him. Can we keep his a pet?
    Me: How the hell we gonna do that Vinny?
    Vinny: You're meanie.
    Me: Look I'm sorry
    Vinny: *Smirks* so can i-
    Me: Just.. You know what, I'm silencing you.
    Vinny: Nooooooooooooo
    Scar: Wha.
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    Zaxx Experienced
    Woof- I'm a doggy. @Kat
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    katqueen45 Advanced
    Scar: Yay I can do what I want with him! >:)
    Me: Girl shut yo mouth.
    Vinny: ..
    Me: What, Vinny?
    Vinny: Can I pet him oHo
    Me: ... Go for it
    Vinny: YEE *tackles zaxx*
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    Zaxx Experienced
    *Blinks- Is tackled* Welp
    Hey there
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    Show me the sun~
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    katqueen45 Advanced
    Me: Bad Vinny!! *sprays water on him*
    Vinny: *hisses*
    Scar: Are you from McDonald's because I'm loving it
    Me: Really Scar?

    Click every single last word :)
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    (This is Zaxx by the way.)

    No no, it's fine- Honest. By the way that was an intriguing pickup line.

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