I need to replay gamecube games

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Thread Topic: I need to replay gamecube games

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    Hm.. That's weird.
    I'm stuck D:
    Yesss Link and Zelda are so close.. Making it feel much more real.
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    DCgirl Senior
    It is. One time I was playing it, I ended up deleting half the game, because the saving process is weird. Course it's like that for a few other games, but still.
    On what?
    Totally. The friendship they had in the game was sweet. Twilight Princess was a whole different story. Too much sadness.
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    That sucks. :/
    The desert, I got the Gust Bellows but I dunno where to go.
    Twilight Princess was kinda sad now that I think about it.
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    DCgirl Senior
    I know, right? Then before that Skward Sword and Twilight Princess got deleted. I was so mad. xD
    Do you happen to have the Dungeon Map?
    The end of it was sad.
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    d_h Experienced
    Twilight princess was the s---

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