Does anyone here take Algebra ll?

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Thread Topic: Does anyone here take Algebra ll?

  • Warning in advance, it is past midnight now so my advice may be odd
    So explain to me just to clarify, how do a, b, c, and d transform the function?
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    .o.I see.

    Well the teacher made us choose random numbers to plug into the equation

    So before I chose the numbers the equation looked like this:


    So I chose

    2 for A, 2 for B, 4 for C, and 1 for D.

    So after replacing the variables with numbers it turned into:

  • Upon closer inspection, it appears you have it all right.
    Goddamnit I wanted to correct you.
    [no urls]#TransformationsinFunctionNotation
    article on this s---
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    .o. I see. OmFg! Thanks for your help!=^-^=
  • But finish doing the x y things, just plug the original y into the 5y+2 (etc) thing
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