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Thread Topic: Stating an opinion.

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    Anastasia Hot Shot
    As a sidelines view, in honesty there are two sides to 'mainstream'. There's the ones we all know and hear about on the pop music side, but also, I think that a lot of modern rock fans have their own little mainstream as well. Often, they detest and complain about pop music, and a lot of the time think that they're cool or different because they're the 'rockers'. I used to buy into that, until I greatly broadened my horizon.

    I didn't mean this to offend anyone, and I don't believe all rockers or poppers are the same. And also, I'm sure all genres have their tards, even classical and indie stuff. Music should be about what you truly enjoy, and it's also like a candy shop. There's a lot to choose from so it would be wise to sample from every part. Take it into your own hands, not just what everyone else is doing. xP
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    VegeKaka Hot Shot

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    Hunteriscool Experienced
    Rock is a mainstream music genre.
    People are just too dumb to realise it.

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