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    American Beauty / American Psycho
    Jet Pack Blues
    Fourth of july
    All by FOB
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    Mused Jade Experienced
    Ghost-Skip the Use
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    Mused Jade Experienced
    blood // water-grandson
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    Mused Jade Experienced
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    Black Sheep- Metric
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    AkiMaki Experienced
    Flannel by JT
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    Ironbutterfly Advanced
    Nocturne - Airospace
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    Shout- Tears for Fears
  • Itchy bears Newbie
    Institutionalised by suicidal tendencies
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    Ultravioletfly- I:Scintilla
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    Non-Objective Portrait of Karma- Circle Takes The Square
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    DreamOfNight Advanced
    Currently going through these :

    Save Rock And Roll
    Jet Pack Blues
    Uma Thurman
    What A Catch Donnie
    Hold Me Tight Or Don't
    Just One Yesterday
    My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark
    - Fall Out Boy

    I Go To Sleep
    Where I belong
    Day Too Soon
    - Sia
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    Sniperlazy Novice
    Pentakill-mortal reality
    Ozzy osbourne-mr crowley
    Ozzy osbourne-crazy train
    Ozzy osbourne-let me hear you scream
    Nightcore-prince ali(rock version)
    Dream evil- the chosen ones
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    Luv myself Experienced
    Musical Theatre related:
    Requiem- Dear Evan Hansen
    You Will be Found- Also Dear Evan Hansen
    If I could tell her- Still Dear Evan Hansen
    Michael in the Bathroom- Be more Chill
    A guy that you'd kinda be into- Be more Chill
    Beautiful- Heathers
    Dead Girl Walking (reprise)- Heathers
    What is this Feeling?- Wicked
    Defying Gravity- Wicked
    On my own- Les Miserables
    One Day more- Les Miserables
    It's Quiet Uptown- Hamilton

    Thank You- MKTO
    Classic- MKTO
    Rather Be- Clean Bandit
    Monody- FatRat
    Fly Away- FatRat
    Only Time- Enye
    She- Dodie Clark
    Crazy- Gnarles Barkley
    Pumped up Kicks- Foster the People
    Kung Fu Fighting by some old guy
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    ivana Experienced
    In The Dark by Camila Cabello

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