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Thread Topic: NICKI MINAJ

  • Stratus Newbie
    I her voice so much. Her music videos are cool. I also like her hair colors.
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    HeadbandGurl Novice
    hmmmmmmm!! i dont like her. sorry :( shes not the best looking gal, in my opinion. and i dont really like her music, either!! some people says shes trying to be like lady gaga so...unoriginal ya know.

    im sorry but we all different music tastes :)
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    ange Novice
    I love her new song, Pound the Alarm! It's amazing!
    However, I don't like it when she does heaps of rap.
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    SWAGGIRL Novice
    I love nicki minaj
  • Lolallday Novice
    I love her and her music!!! :)
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    Carri04 Hot Shot
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    tongue Advanced
    I have nothing bad to say about Nicki Minaj. I find her strangely tolerable.

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