Name an artist that most people have never heard of.

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Thread Topic: Name an artist that most people have never heard of.

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    Hatshepsut237 Senior
    The Bunny The Bear

    Never seen anybody talk about them, except on Youtube of course
  • atomic rush Newbie
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    nightblaze Junior
    -The medic droid
    -as i lay dying

    i dont know many people who have heard of these bands
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    6 6 sick Senior
    I've heard of all those except Caramell.

    Burn Halo
    Trash Light Vision
    Al B. Damned
  • Yun Yun Newbie
    I've heard Rammstein and MSI.

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    AudreeForever Novice
    Aimee Allen
    The moog
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    woodnicole7 Novice
    John Oliva
  • Paramore :D gotta love 'em!!!!!
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    woodnicole7 Novice
    Lacuna Coil
  • thisismyquiz Novice
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    Moyashi Advanced
    Helalyn Flowers
  • I bet you guys have NEVER heard of the Monyas group. They are new and spectacular. If you think you've heard of them, then go ahead and tell me the three names of the girls in the group.
  • sads700 Novice
    the pale ones
    alien ant farm
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    madid Experienced
    Allstar Weekend
    Shaman's Harvest

    Ive heard of Flogging Molly
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    Moyashi Senior
    Chicken Foot
    Yellow Fried Chickenz
    Gerard (1980s)

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