Does anybody here fw lil peep

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Thread Topic: Does anybody here fw lil peep

  • UMakeNoCents Newbie
    Honestly his music is the only relatable s--- to me rn and it has been for awhile. It's almost been a year since he died so I wanted to post this. IMO he's a legend. He made music like nobody else.
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    Ghetto Advanced
    Mm, a bit. I've listened to maybe two or three of his songs, I liked them. Hope he's resting well, it's terrible what's been happening to rappers/musicians. It's kind of sad that only after his death did people really start to listen.
  • UMakeNoCents Newbie
    It's wild too because so many artists I f--- with have been died in the past year
    I'm from Pittsburgh and when Mac Miller died it rained here for 4 days straight without stopping. It kind of hit me harder then most bc Im from the same city as him and I grew up listening to him.
    And another Pittsburgh Rapper named Jimmy wopo died the same day XXXTentacion got shot and honestly it's crazy
  • UMakeNoCents Newbie
    I made ths to talk about his music Also
    Heaven Scent is the best song by him. Now taht he's dead the lyris fit really good. If your still about his death listen to this. The beat is amazing and it's not really a sad song. It's just good vibes Lyrically hes talking about the rockstar life he was on and he said "I got tatted on my halo" that sounds sick af. we

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