I need your opinion.

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Thread Topic: I need your opinion.

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    Countrygirlz Novice
    I have to have 3 songs by the end of the week.
    I'm gonna post lyrics tell me what you think.
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    Countrygirlz Novice
    Verse 1
    It's so quite in this big house.
    Moms gone, and dads out.
    And I can help but think bout how you are.
    Staring at the ceiling wishing we weren't apart.

    Pre- Chorus.
    But I'll tell you baby.
    I got my feelings in a bind.
    And I'll tell you baby.
    Whats really going on my mind.

    My body's saying I want you.
    My heads, My heads saying I need you.
    My heart says I love you.

    I got all these voices goin round in my mind.
    I miss you by my side.
    I wish I could tell you one more time.
    Before I let you go...

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