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Thread Topic: Josh Hutcherson

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    nikki1234 Novice
    I absolutely love JHutch. And no, not just because he is in the Hunger Games (woohoo!) But because he is pure awesomeness. I have loved him since his Little Manhattan days. Love you, Joshy!
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    Anastasia Hot Shot
    3 threads? Really? -.-

    Though it was most likely a mistake. No prob.

    I used to like him when I was a kid.
  • smartgirl115 Junior
    Josh is a good actor. Have you've seen "Bridge To Terabithia"? Believe me, his acting styles will prove to you that he is good! :D
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    flibber Junior
    I think he is so hot! I loved him when he was in Bridge to Terabithia! It made me cry when the girl died. :( But I am counting down the days to when The Hunger Games comes out! Can't wait!
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    xforgetXmex Novice
    he is hot! love him so much.
  • Jade Black Experienced
    he's pretty cute and he has a nice personality but i'm obsessed with someone else
  • AudreeForever Novice
    The boy with the bread is the cake in my oven of love! I absolutely am totally like head over heels with him! And Gale is one badass hunter!
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    I absolutely loved "Little Manhattan" it was my favorite my by Hutcherson! "Bridge to Terabithia" was also an awesome movie! I'm not much of a Hunger Games fan so I won't watch him in there but aside from that he is pretty cute!
  • miumiutheemu Novice
    No, no you aren't the only one. My closest friends seem to have developed a MASSIVE obsession with him. No kidding.
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    zomgirl Novice
    he's cute but not my fav :/
  • HillBilly Bob Newbie
    He's kind of really delicious XD He's hot, but anytime I think of him I think of that dopey Bridge to Teribithia and Journey to the Center of the Earth >.< WHY JOSHIE??!!
  • IHYLM16 Novice
    i loved hym in zuthera, the way k.stuwart loved the astounut in the movie
  • tori109 Novice
    No your not I

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