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    Ask me if there's anything that you didn't understand in the books/movies of Harry Potter.
    Ask Professor Snape!!!!!!!
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    I've got one question:
    At the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1 why did Hermione Granger obliviate her parents?
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    dragonsfire Advanced
    (I'll probably answer some.of the questions for you, Snape)

    So that they wouldn't remember they had a daughter, wouldn't report her missing to the police, and then she'd have to deal with both the muggle world and the wizard world looking for her.
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    ok thnx dragonsfire
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    SprinkledSpice Advanced
    Plus she didn't want them to worry and probably didn't want the Death Eaters finding them and holding them hostage.
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    Why ur underpants grey snivelius

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