All you lucky folks who get to see HTTYD3 in theaters today:

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Thread Topic: All you lucky folks who get to see HTTYD3 in theaters today:

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    Hiccstrid Senior
    Seriously, there isn't much I wouldn't give up to be in your shoe right now. sorry, couldn't resist the leg joke I've waited for this stupid movie for almost four years, and it's finally here, but I won't be able to watch it for a while until it comes out online.

    I won't spoil anything, but I will say that I have seen every trailer, every TV spot, every clip, every piece of news, and probably just about every promo photo that's been leaked since April 17, 2018, when the title was first announced. And I will say that it has fed my inner (and outer) fangirl in ways that none of you will understand. So please watch it, and please enjoy it at least a little. It'll be worth your while.
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    Dulcinea Novice
    I saw it!!!!
    (Treasured every moment!)
    We got to see it in the theaters!!! (because of a five dollar ticket special)
    I won't spoil anything for you (though you probably have a good idea of the whole thing already)
    It was definitely a roller coaster of emotions but SO WORTH IT!!!!!
    I loved it. I cried. (From sorrow, from injustice, from exhilaration, and from pure joy) One thing I love about those movies is they're so relatable and you feel almost as if you are really there. And the music!!! So....indescribably envigorating!! (Although I was kinda sad about how little they played the main theme, I just kept waiting for it. But when it did play, BAM right through my fangirl heart. It made such a difference. )
    Well, I don't want to spoil anything so I'll say no more. Except that
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    Hiccstrid Senior
    Oh lmao I don't think you really could spoil anything for me because I already know just about everything about it xD

    I know I'm going to cry when I see the real thing, because I've seen clips of [the scene that's supposed to make you cry] and almost cried then...(I don't cry easily in movies)

    I've listened to the whole soundtrack on YouTube twice and I absolutely LOVE the last one (#16), that has the Forbidden Friendship reprise and the Test Drive theme and everything. Also, the majestic entrance of the This is Berk theme totally gives me goosebumps :) But I agree with you that the theme is quite different from the previous two movies. It actually sounds a lot like the Prince Caspian soundtrack if you're familiar with that.

    Sorry I'm rambling lol

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