Justin Bieber!

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Thread Topic: Justin Bieber!

  • MandyB123 Newbie
    Do you LOVE Justin Bieber or HATE him?
  • bieberluver16 Newbie
    Loooove Him!!!
  • AngelofDeath Newbie
    To be honest,I could give a f--- less about him.
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    Devin65 Novice
    Justin rides guys.
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    Slim_t Novice
    well put devin
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    Devin65 Novice
    Justin should be in a rodeo where people ride guys. That would be funny.
  • LadyCarrie Newbie
    I like Justin Bieber!

    Stupid timelimit,what's the point of you?
  • MandyB123 Novice
    I hate Justin, no offence to Bieber Lovers.
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    Corpsegrinder Newbie
    fuk beaver, and fuk all mainstream music.
  • Actress97 Newbie
    I hate Justin Bieber!!!!!!!!!!
  • jrs Newbie
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    sassy rocker Novice
    beaver is a mainstream f---tard without talent.
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    Savannah123 Newbie
    He sounds like a freakin girl.
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    sassy rocker Novice
    he is a girl.
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    hate it. His Music sucks. and I hate how much stupid "pop-ups" I get about him.

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