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    Calysta221 Novice
    So,I'm writing a magical love story.I want it to be like a mix between snow white,cinderella, and beauty and the beast.I want them to have magic though.So,i'm having two contests.A character contest.Make sure to include their power,what kind of character they play (beauty,beast,snow white,evil queen,etc...). The second contest is a title contest.You see,I'm good at coming up with the base of stories,but not characters and titles.I will announce the winner of the title contest december 5.And the character contest december 6.You can submit as many as you want.
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    Flight Junior
    Hmm... magical love story? Sounds good! ^.^
    Haha, I'm not that good with titles, either, but I do love to create characters! I'm not all that great with story bases, though. XD
    What kind of powers will there be? Like... stuff like fallen angels and werewolves, stuff like Harry Potter, or like elements? Or something else? :p
    I'll submit a few charries for you to choose from, but I'm going to leave out the powers for now, if that's okay with you; not sure what exactly I should put for that... :S And if it's alright with you, can I just put the basics, like appearance, personality, etc.? =)

    (just gonna ramble these off the top of my head here XP)
    Appearance: 5'7"; long, gold-streaked red hair and pale green eyes.
    Personality: Social and bright, Zara is energetic and happy. She loves to have fun, and can be a bit naive at times.

    Appearance: 6'2"; muscular build and dark brown hair with sea green eyes.
    Personality: Colm is a very imposing physical figure; he's very reserved and calm, and rarely shows his feelings.

    Appearance: 5'6"; long, silky dark hair and green eyes.
    Personality: Lei is gentle and more of an introvert; however, she's not really so much as "shy", she just enjoys quiet things like reading, writing, and drawing. She may seem soft and innocent at first glance, but deep down, she's full of sharp intelligence.

    Appearance: 6'2"; black hair and bright blue eyes.
    Personality: dark and brooding at first glance, Ash is very loyal and full of intellect. He is fiercely protective of his loved ones, and is more of a "love at first sight" kind of guy; he'll know the girl he belongs with when he sees her, and no other girl will do until then.

    Appearance: 6'3"; Brawny physique; blond hair and bright hazel eyes (more green than brown).
    Personality: Sebastian never stays with one girl for long; he's always on the move, searching for a "real" girl to love. He's very handsome, and is the target of many, and though he'll take their affections, he never stays. (If you've read the Hunger Games series, he's kind of like Finnick.)

    Hope this helps! ^.^ Your story sounds kind of like a book I read a few months ago; it's called Entwined by Heather Dixon. You should try it out; it's so good! Entwined might not be a bad idea for a title, either... since it seems like you're blending several classic fairy tales together, you could call it something along the lines of "Entwined". Just a rough idea XP

    Good luck!
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    Calysta221 Novice
    Any kind of magic powers you want.Just not superpowers like a superhero.Good characters by the way.Oh, and i'm postponning the contest since I only have one person entering so far.
    Flight,do you think you can add in the other details later?

    P.S What about the title: "Mystery Magic" Sunheading: "A mystical and magical fairytale"
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    Calysta221 Novice
    Oh and i have a few ideas for your character's characters:
    Zara-I'm not too sure.What about repunzel?
    Colm-The way you described him I say one of the princes or beast.
    Lei-Belle.A dead ringer for Belle.
    Ash-Eric maybe??
    Sebastian-No idea.
    Tell me what you think. :)
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    Kirby Junior
    Learn how to space your commas and full stops and capatilize your pronouns,

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