announcements for my series.

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Thread Topic: announcements for my series.

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    natuhleegayle Senior
    Winners for the Hunger Games

    District 3 - Samantha2332 for Male tribute, fallen_angel831 for female

    District 4 - Jamie for Male tribute, graceface for female tribute

    District 5 - Samantha2332

    District 6 - Sage Parson for Male Tribute and Toralei for Female tribute

    District 8 - EPicZ for Female tribute and _ViolaLover_ for male tribute

    District 9 - Amazingfulyweird for female tribute & i just realized there was no male tribute...

    District 10 - PersonXD for male tribute and zomgirl for female tribute.

    Winner for the One Direction Contest - PersonXD

    & I will be asking THREE PEOPLE to write one of my series because it is final that I won't be able to write. I will give them all my notes and if they need any help; they can email me or contact me however they want.

    So, if you are interested in taking over:

    Hogwarts Love Story
    One Direction Love Story
    or Life in the Hunger Games

    leave a comment below and I'll talk to you but I will be writing one part for each before I hand off the series.
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    natuhleegayle Senior
    Oh and you saw that spoiler then you know who dies in Year 5. Haha
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    raeface Novice
    Natuhleegayle- I would love to take over your One Direction series. :)
  • Hey! Well, um, I have some free time on my hands and maybe it would be cool if I, well you know. Er maybe takeovertheHogwartsLoveStorysinceIhavealotofsparetimeonmyhands?? Maybe, possibly.....because I could use the experience too.......
  • PersonXD Experienced
    Oh my gawd! I won! I don't FIND this supprising at all, lol, I bet no one gets those references. But yay, I would love to help with any of the stories, just tell me if you'd like my help with any!
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    xxblutixx Advanced
    Fudge it, I forgot it was moved to today >.<
    Darn itttt :/
    Aw, so you really are going to hand off your series? T.T okay... and my best wishes to the lucky person who will carry on Hogwarts Love Story!
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    man, i missed it D:
    well, atleast i know who won!!!! congratulations, i wish i could have subminted a story :/

    but anyway, i like the one direction quizzes, but i'm afraid i'm not good enough.
  • PersonXD Experienced
    I just watched the ustream, will you beta aka edit aka pre approve the stories? And if you want my to continute a series I would prefer 1D or Hogwarts, I don't know much about the Hunger Games, I've read and all but still!
  • DeathStar321 Novice
    I know a lot about harry potter so I want to know if I could continue with it. Or at least help with it. But I'm still afraid I'm not as good as you. So mainly just help.
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    natuhleegayle Senior
    @raeface - Hm, alright. You do know the expectations you have to fill right?

    @personXD - that's a really good idea. I'll be able to edit and approve but i honestly can't write them myself and hmm, i really love your writing style; i just don't know which series to consider you for and if i do ask you, you do know the expectations you have to fill
  • PersonXD Experienced
    Yeah, those would be big shoes to fill, but I think if you'd beta it, I'd be okay, and mean if no one likes my writing you can always try and find someone better suited, but I will try my bet, and I'm slowly getting better!
  • omg please choose HarryPotter_1D cuz i just read their series and theyre an amazing writer and would really do a good job at doing the rest of it. im gonna miss ur writing though cuz it was really good.
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    Sage Parson Novice
    YES I WON!! :D WOO HOO!! I was hoping I would win for a girl tribute, but still... WOO!! I GET TO BE IN NATUHLEEGAYLE'S QUIZ SERIES!! :D


    Sorry...just found this and got a little crazy...

    Congrats to the winners!!

    I would also consider taking one of those series off your hands, but please don't let anyone take the Hogwarts one. That was your original and I think it would be better if you finished it.

    What one started, must finish.

    I'd be willing to wait. It was the most successful, and your first quiz series, so I think you should still work on that one.

    That's my opinion...
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    Sage Parson Novice
    Sorry if I sounded pushy... ^_^' I was just excited...
  • PersonXD Experienced
    Congrats Sage, and other winners!

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