If only you knew...

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    If only you knew,
    How much I care about you.
    If only you knew,
    How special you are.
    If only you knew,
    How many tears I shed for you.

    I remember that day,
    When I first saw you.
    When our eyes first met,
    You captured my heart
    Though you nver knew it,
    How innocent you are.

    I need you to be by my side,
    To be mine forever.
    But I know it's impossible,
    To forget you,
    The one who lives next door.

    I'm moving away,
    Away from you,
    I'm moving away forever,
    How can I stop loving you?
    How can I stop thinking about you?
    Even when I know we'll never be together.

    We are parting ways,
    We might never meet each other,
    But I just want to say,
    One last time,
    Even though we saw each other for a few days,
    I wish we were together,
    I wish life was fair...

    THANKU so much for reading my poem.
    I poured my heart into it...
    This poem is dedicated to my 1st real life crush(hopefully my only) who has no idea I'm writing this poem just for him. He lives next door...he still doesn't know.. :(
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