RPs with Eggaly

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    My R (Norman/Adria)

    Mischief with a god (Jace and Yusa/Geidance and Niro)

    Hey spice (Victor/Harper)

    Wait what(Yiren/Lillian/Kita)

    The String (Belladonna/Myriad/Screech)

    The maltrax family(Aiden, Mikan, Miden, Aikan, Yune, Yuna, (Spice and Eggaly))

    The vengeful ballad of wester (Wester, Griffin, Screech, Nori/Easter, Niz, Prism)

    Easter/Wester rp (Easter, Spice/Wester, Elra, Eggaly)

    The legend of the wolf girl (Julia and Kito/Mitsuko/Vio's character/Emowoman's character)

    Ghost in the drawer (Moss, Kreena, Someone, Something/Yusa, Julius, Silas/Misty

    Welcome to my world (Azarath/Evil Norman/Tat's character/Dark's character)
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    Jack Stauber (Mocha/Ian/Amelia and katqueen's other characters)

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