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    Everything hurts.




    The echoing sound of his own blood hitting the mud and stone under his feet filled Ebony's nonexistent ears as he hung limply from the stone spires pierced through his torso, fuzzy eyelights staring blankly ahead at the battlefield in front of him.

    why did they hurt me?

    He drew in a harsh rattling breath, his single wing twitching as the movement caused the spike going through his spine to move. He could hear laughing in the distance. Why are they laughing?

    I helped them. I helped my family

    A cry echoed out over the mangled and bloodied corpses; a cry of sorrow and betrayal. Ebony tightened his grip on the spike going through his throat as tears and blood flowed down his face to join the marsh of blood at his feet, doing his best to stop himself from falling further.

    I Loved them!

    Another cry split the night, mixed with the sound of snapping stone and bone as Ebony broke the spike in his grip, ripping it free from his neck. A strangled hiss left his mouth, eyelights brightening as glowing runes started forming around him.

    Why Did They Hurt Me!

    He pulled his wing back; anger coursing through his bones and giving him strength; slamming the appendage against the ground to try to dislodge himself from the remaining spires.


    An agony filled scream tore through the silence as he ripped himself from the spikes, loosing what was left of his other wing in the process. It didn't matter to him anymore.


    The runes spread over the battle field in a dense web of magic and light, whisps of energy slowly rising from the corpses.


    The child screamed in rage and sadness as he rose his wing and arm to the sky, his long tail arching up behind him as the energy and runes started to form a funnel around him, obscuring his form from sight.


    In a nearby village, celebrations drew to a stand still as everyone's attention was drawn to a pillar of light emanating from the battlefield, dread filling their hearts as a piercing scream tore through the night sky. The light started to dwindle, a dark figure rising through it into the night sky, spreading massive skeletal wings as it screamed once more, this time joined by the screams of the village people as they tried to flee from the creature their careless action had created. The newborn Dracolitch descended on the village with the rage of a thousand storms


    The people tried desperately to flee as ~~Ebony~~ the Dracolitch unleashed a torrent of blue flames from its maw, igniting half of the village in one breath.


    Screams filled the night, the flames arching high into the sky and illuminating the mountain side as the village burned. Ebony The Dracolitch landed in the burning rubble, screaming at the sky in sorrow as crimson blood flowed from its eyesockets like tears

    *Fear makes humans do such terrible things, doesnt it?
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    The story and character idea are inspired by this song.

    If you wish to ask questions about this characters story, feel free.

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