when you try to write a story at 1am with no sleep

Thread Topic: when you try to write a story at 1am with no sleep

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    I look into the window, studying every detail of the room. The location of the light switch, the closet in the back, the bed in the center, and the desk to the side. I only have one chance to do this, they're not home. I already checked to make sure I can pick the back door lock. I descend down the latter, and neatly put it in the back of the bushes. I make my way to the back door. I get startled by the sound of a cawing crow for a second, and then go back to what I was doing. Sighing, I put on my mask and enter quietly.
    Now, I know what you're thinking; I'm insane. But this fiend, this hell spawn, took something very dear to me. I'm not going anywhere until I get her back. This is a situation an older sibling fears the most; having something happen to your younger sibling while your parents are on vacation.
    I look for the gem in my little sister's room. I read the gem is in the room in the possession happened, and destroying it sends that thing back to Hell, where it belongs. I also read that this specific demon goes out at night, to find souls to feast on. Why would it be here, if it can't survive unless it gets some poor sap's soul? I check everywhere. Under the bed, in the desk, hidden behind the clothes in the closet. Suddenly, from the bottom pile of clothes, I see a red glow. It must be the gem.
    I pick up the gem, it feels incredibly fragile. A gem so delicate, simply throwing it at the desk could break it. Did I do it? All of the research I did to find this monster, is it finally going to pay off? The longer I hold it, the more my body is engulfed in dread. Is this something the gem can do to a mere human? I grab the gem, and throw it. It shatters, but instead of feeling good, I feel something is wrong. My feeling is validated once I hear the bedroom door open, followed by a cackle.
    "Do you have any idea what you just did? Oh, of course you don't. That gem is supposed to be broken before I enter a body, not after. If you had broken it before, I would've been sent back to Hell. But since it's broken now, that simply means I cannot return. You did me a huge favor, kid. How about I do you one and end your misery?"
    I stand there in shock. "How are you even here? Don't you have to collect a soul every night?" I ask.
    "You're right, you are my soul for the night."
    "There is no possible way you knew I was going here tonight."
    "Well, let's just say a little birdy told me." The crow from earlier flies into the room. "Ever since I found out you were present and aware of the possession, I had this little guy follow you. Think about everywhere you went, and hearing that caw."
    I think about the past couple of days. I heard a crow at the library, where I did my research on this thing. When I went to the police, when I went to the church and they didn't believe me. It followed my every move.
    "Oh, and by the way, your sister is long gone. See?" In her body, he snaps her neck, and puts it back in place. "Well, I'm getting hungry. Thanks again for destroying the gem."

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