I don't write enough any more

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Thread Topic: I don't write enough any more

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    barberbob2 Senior
    This thread isn't really a discussion or a topic. It's just an observation I'm making about myself. I used to write a lot on this website and when I stopped showing up as often, I also stopped writing as much. I had stories for roleplays from before we had the stage. I had a like 30-ish page high fantasy story involving half a dozen gtq members. And I'd also go to the offbeat forum and have people give me prompts for short stories.

    I guess I'm making this to try and get back in to writing a bit. I'll do poems, short stories, or anything else I really feel like. If you guys want to give me a prompt, I'll probably attempt it, or at least respond as to why i wont. Oh well, here we go!
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    barberbob2 Senior
    I need a heart beat
    A passion to call my own
    but I lack the drive

    I'm mostly tired now
    No energy to tell tales
    or express passion

    So I'll make haiku's
    express my ennui in verse
    no heart to dance to

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