Interesting quiz from unnamed pre-writer.

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Thread Topic: Interesting quiz from unnamed pre-writer.

  • Hello everyone, sorry if this is gonna be in the wrong place. I'm new here and just started posting. So far, this website is great, at least it's great for me to create an awesone quiz for everyone.

    Why awesome? I don't know. May be because it supports my novel project. Oh yes, it is.
    You all never heard of "The heart of bond", I'm sure, because it's my first unpubblished novel. On my way of writing, I just make this quiz to support my novel, interested person who needs both entertaining and checking inner personality feel free to try it. And for your information, this novel is a adventure fantasy type, written in Thai language. I'm going to translate it soon once the whole project is done, so one try here means one support.

    Sincerely thank you for reading and (might be) taking the quiz

    Mars bhuntamata
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    barberbob2 Senior
    I like your attitude. Took your quiz.

    My only suggestion is to spell-check more often.
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    TearOfSun Junior
    after you translated it, tell me.
  • Thank you everyone for your kind word and encouragement. I have to admit I kinda suck at spelling and can forget some parts easily. As I said in the quiz, English is not my main, but I'll try my best to improve it.
    The translation is now in progress, I'll upload it and post the link here when it finish.

    PS. It seems like I must try harder to improve my English skill, I think. Next time won't be like this, I promise.

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