The Fault in Our Stars

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Thread Topic: The Fault in Our Stars

  • CharityChase Novice
    Well, first, I wasn't actually allowed to read it. I went to best and read all of it in 2hrs. I feel no guilt. None. Zero. I'm Christian and I usually hate disobeying ( although, if I said some of the things that I think about rules and life, my parents would take me to a shrink or something. Or maybe that's the book talking). Anyway, this book was the most terrible and most beautiful thing ever. Read it. Even if you don't like to read. I literally HAD to read it. Reading that book was a need. You need to read that kind of stuff when you know someone with cancer. Just FYI. But anyway, tell me your thoughts!!
  • CharityChase Novice
    Mostly rules though. Mostly rules. But I hate cancer. Hate it.
  • CharityChase Novice
    Sorry for boring y'all. I feel so stupid.
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    Joker1001 Junior
    I don't think you're "boring y'all". Just, hey, did you read this on-line?
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    UnLoving Junior
    I literally couldn't finish it because I liked it so much. I'm not even kidding, I didn't want to reach the end of it X3

    ..Wait, how is it against Christianity..?
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    Queen Elsa Novice
    Cancer is terrible, of course, but I really enjoyed Fault In Our Stars. Are you guys excited for the movie?
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    LoneShadowWolf Experienced
    UnLoving, because there's sex scenes and cussing in it. Also, some of the views and opinions stated by the characters could be considered controversial to certain Christians.

    This was honestly one of the most beautiful books I've ever read. I'm notgoing to write out a whole review, but John Green knows what he's doing

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