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Thread Topic: [i]Frontlines[/i]

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    Ch 1.

    Lt. Mcgrath held onto the rope that kept him from plummeting off the mountain to the cold hard ground below as he repelled down. His squadmate ,Pvt. Backburn, followed suit. Carefully watching Mcgrath as he signaled orders with his hand. Stopping, Mgrath looked at Bacburn and whispered to him through his comm.

    "Fireteam Foxtrot is at the door and ready. We're at the infil point now. Ready?"

    Backburn let go and readied his AUG HBAR assault rifle and gripped his rope with one hand.

    "Ready sir. This f---er's goin down."

    "Ok Foxtrot. Infiltrate in three. Two. One."

    On three, Mcgrath swung down and busted through the giant window of the observation deck and cut the rope. Expecting to find the terrorist they instead found the dead body of Americas representitive, dogtags impaled in his throat.

    "Cole. Looks for intel."

    Backburn stood and walked around the room. Scanning every nook and cranny.

    "Foxtrot. Retreat, it was a set up."

    Backburn untied the Rep and caught him, seeing a red blinking light on his back.

    "OH s---!"

    As Backburn dropped the body the C4 exploded. Knocking Backburn into a far corner and rocketed Mcgrath out of the window, a ball of flames.

    (rate the chapter so far(next chapter goes before this revealing the reason theyre there))
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    Still ch. 1


    Mcgrath walked through the crowded halls of the aircraft carrier. He could see the faint glow of the electronis in the conference room down the hall but was stopped in his track. A rookie.

    "Um Lt. Mcgrath. Im private Neil Turner. Reporting for duty. Sir!"

    "Kid what do you want? I dont need you right now."

    The lutenant walked around the boy only to be followed.

    (This ch. introduces Turner aaaand thats pretty much it)
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    It reminds me of Battlefield 3. Good Job.

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