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    SPEECHLESS Advanced
    I normally start off on the vegetable/ fruit side of the grocery.

    Today let’s pick some banana’s and lets pick one that has 5 all together (make sure it’s green to yellowish color). Next we will pick some strawberries and weigh it to see how much will it cost depending on the weight of it. Let’s go get at least 15 to 20 strawberry’s because they are in season right now!

    For your information, sometimes you have to know if any food you are buying is in season(farmers are making them and selling food 10 days or less, not freezing food that will be used next few months).

    Now, let’s get milk it’s all based on what you like and what your body can take. For me, it’ll be lactose milk (tastes just like regular milk to me). Now that we have everything, let’s grab some blueberries in case we want to make a blueberry milkshake.

    Alright, we went shopping for the ingredients that you may use for a milkshake! That all should come to a total of $20 to $30 dollars plus tax lol.

    Hope you guys have ice and a blender. See you all next time!
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    The Geek Expert
    $30 dollars seems excessive for a milkshake unless you're millionaire
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    DDcats Newbie
    im getting some ice cream! lets see...............hmmmmm, I think I will get some Cookie's n Cream. yes. that seven dollars

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