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Thread Topic: Crush --> boyfriend

  • bfaithr Novice
    How do I tell my crush I like him? We see each other about once a week. Last time I saw him, he kinda flirted with me, so I know he likes me back. I also was going to tell him that I liked him last time I saw him, but I just froze up and I couldn't say anything. Here's where it gets complicated... he is also my best friend's brother. And we are both homeschooled, so our parents are super protective and won't even let us have cell phones. And every time we see each other, we are either with our parents or an annoying eight year old. Please help!
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    Ardeo9999 Junior
    My parents are really protective too, and Im homeschooled as well. But my crush and I both hav iPods, so we text. I would recommend maybe you make a secret code, signal or something. Then just write down 'I like you' so no one else can read it and give it to him. :)

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