Its official!

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Thread Topic: Its official!

  • Samantha2332 Novice
    The guy that I like, likes my best friend, and tomarrow, hes gonna ask her out, and shes gonna say yes.
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    Moyashi Advanced
    Get over it and move on. You're a child, you don't need to find 'the one' right now.
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    angelic4 Experienced
    soory if i happen to sound heartless or mean but So what?, at least you can be a friend to your friend and be happy for her rather than feel sorry for yourself, the guy likes someone else, you can't make him choose who to like and who not, just move on, you're just a kid, learn life's not always peachy, going to be hard times as well, You don't have to worry about him or any guy right now, yoou have a lot time ahead for you, just simply move on
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    izme Novice
    my ex tht i still like is dating my bff
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    xendocheionology Experienced
    Ha. Happened to me. You get over it eventually. It feels like the end of the world, but eventually he gets ugly and you meet someone hotter.

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