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  • evol2414 Newbie
    I never got a lot. Of love growing up. I’m a 17 year old male and I’m so f---ing depressed and lonely. I literally can’t function without love or a relationship. All the girls in my neighborhood play games or are thots. I got a big ass heart and it’s killing me that I can’t use it. All my other friends are in relationships and I’ll be hanging out with them and I’ll be the only person without a girl it’s making me so depressed. I never had a lot of friends growing up so I got really bad anxiety too and it f---s with my social skills. Like I’m a solid person I just got a lot of s--- I go thru.

    And this other girl I like is f---ing with my heart bad. She’s truly the only person who cares about me but we’re just friends. I don’t know if she has feelings for me like I think she might because about 2 months ago she sent me a message saying when will you be mine. It’s killing me she’s in a relationship and her man isn’t satisfiying her, she likes another guy I don’t get along with and she knows that. I’m so jealous and hurt I never had a relationship before I just want one. It’s to the point where I’m really boutta kill myslef if I don’t find love soon.
    Like and about that girl she got a rough life I wanna fix her. I got a rough life too and I just want both of us to be happy. I’m a genuanly good person with a big heart I would do anything just for love

    Can somebody help me? I’m a bigger person than this. I’m just so broken I want somebody to hold me down so I don’t feel like s--- anymore and I wanna do the same for somebody else. I can’t even function anymore because I’m so lonely and desperate
  • evol2414 Newbie
    And like a relationship is the only way I tried every therapist in my area and therapy doesn’t work for me.

    I just wanna man up but I can’t. I’m a virgin, and as long as I’m a virgin I’m not gonna feel like a man.

    I just don’t know anymore I genuinely wanna kms because this is rediculus. Everybody In my neighborhood knows I’m depressed and that I feel this way. Nobody got heart to help me tho
    Like I know I can chase a girl and get what I want it’s just I’m so depressed and f---ed in the head to even think right anymore. I Been thru it all- drug addiction, abuse, neglect, homeless, juvenile detention, etc. all I know is pain in my life I got too big of heart my pains consuming me
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    TeenSixteen Novice
    I feel you man.

    I'm a girl, and all of my friends have boyfriends. It's kind of annoying, and I want one so bad, even if it's just to make me feel... I don't know... full.
    Also, don't k i l l yourself, it's not worth it. Also you're seventeen, so it's one year until you can move out and find your own love and life. I still have another two years left till I move out...

    Just gotta suck it up and live, yknow? The meaning of life is to live, don't end it early to die.
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    TeenSixteen Novice
    *Gives you hug for extra comfort.
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    bellagirl Advanced
    Sweetie.lets start with😋
    Screw humans thought😗😥
    Be the person you wnt to be (,😘
    Dont let any one put you down
    And we got you...i got you🤗

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