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    Ericat Novice

    So I need some advice.

    I like this one boy at my school, and there's rumors that he likes me. I catch him staring at me in 2nd hour a lot (Ima middle schooler btw) but I'm just not sure if he likes me. Any professionals that can help meh?

    Also yall can ask questions as well.
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    Puppet master12 Hot Shot

    Just get a friend to ask on your behalf.
    Or just ask him like “ hey I heard you like me.”
    Or befriend him, then find out if he likes you, this also let’s you know if you actually like him or not.
    Text him. Just text him. Try to bait him into asking if you like anyone, say “yeah you.” If he reacts negatively laugh it off and tell him
    “ no no, yeah I like someone but I was asking if you liked someone.”
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    Ericat Novice
    Ah ok. Yeah thanks for the help! I have no phone though, so the second to last one won't be an option. But thanks for the help!
  • xi is awesome Newbie
    Just be honest with him!! I'm sure it'll be fine!! Just go for it!!!!!!!!!

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