Can I have some advice?

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Thread Topic: Can I have some advice?

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    therealminime Senior
    So I'm at the point in my life where I'm ready to start dating. I've never been in an actual relationship before, and I think I'm ready. The only problems I face currently is:

    * I'm not in college yet. I took this year off to work, so I could save up for college. And because I'm not in college, it kinda makes it hard to talk to girls my age.

    * My parents (and kind of myself for the most part) are pretty much against dating apps, mainly and specifically Tinder. (Tinder is kinda shady)

    * This next thing is kinda confusing so I'll word this the best way I can. I'm not super confident in putting myself out there in public places (ie restaurants, malls, etc) it's harder for me to put myself out there in places like that as opposed to school. I guess one of the biggest challenges I face with being kinda flirty is that my friends aren't around to ease my nerves, so it's hard for me to put myself out there in public. School (college) would be different. I'd be able to become acquainted with people quicker in similar classes, with similar interests as opposed to strangers I'd only see like once.

    Idk maybe I didn't word this good enough, but is there anyone that kind of understands what I'm saying? Any one that could offer some sort of advice? Thanks
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    DaughterOfApollo Hot Shot
    Bruh, I feel you on this. I'm almost 22 and have never really had a real boyfriend and I too feel like I'm ready for a relationship, but everyone I talk to turns out to already have a girlfriend and I'm just like "well... s---."

    So, my advice for you: when you feel like you have enough money, go to college. What I recommend first is going to a community or a state college to get your gen ed classes done and then transferring out of state to a university and live in the dorms. This is what I did, so you won't have as much debt if you have to take out student loans (which, if you transfer, you most likely will), and when you do go to university, you will meet a lot of people. Especially people who share your interests/your major because those will basically be the classes that you will be taking. And I say go out of state just so you can't just go back home whenever you want to. You will literally be stuck there and it will force you to make friends and you don't have to worry about your parents and/or siblings. However, I will also say this: don't focus on just getting into any relationship. You want to get into a relationship with the right person, not just anyone who happens to be around (unless if you're not looking for something more long term, in which case, yeah, just f--- it and have fun, but be careful because there are some really stupid and crazy people out there).
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    therealminime Senior
    Oof I didn't see this response. Thank you! I DO plan on attending a community college, mainly because it's more affordable and closer to home. I'm not sure on what I want to do from there though. Hell, I'm still not sure on my dream career. I'm very torn. But I have hope's of meeting someone there.

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