Why am i trying

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Thread Topic: Why am i trying

  • Ash77 Newbie
    Broke up with bf (he broke up with me) now he says hes sorry and wants me back, i asked him why hebwants me back, he says he realized whats hes missing out on now. I said to him well you should of thought of that before you broke up with me b**** lol but now im looking. So ya just saying not that anyone is going to say any thing but im trying lol! ;)
  • Ash77 Newbie
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    sademogirl Hot Shot
    unless ur looking to date a weird ass furry with daddy issues, i wouldn’t suggest this place.
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    ello Advanced
    Bruh Sade
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    Hickssky Advanced
    This is same person im Ash77 still asking ;)
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    Maniko Experienced
    this is same person im ello still noticing no response ;)

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