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    So theres this boy I have a crush on and none of my friends know that. But they all say he likes me. I deny it, so I dont get found out. But I keep wondering, why me? Im hardly pretty. In fact, Im pretty much the exact opposite. But I have caught him looking at me- a lot. He stares at me in class. At lunch. One day, I came back from a music exam and went into the lunch hall and I caught him staring.
    Vital info: Im twelve, so things probably wont get too serious yet.
    What do I do? Help me sort out this dilemma
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    Sorry there is a problem with the punctuation on my iPad so sorry if its hard to read
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    Mused Jade Experienced
    At this age, its a crush.
    You can see where it goes, if you wish, but don't get into any serious relationship stuff until both of you know (and you're older), what you want.

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