How do I get a guy to notice me?

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Thread Topic: How do I get a guy to notice me?

  • We're pretty much rivals, but something about the fact that we're supposed to hate each other just makes me want him more. I've tried leaving small hints, a wink here and there, light "accidental" grazes and touches, but he is so damn stubborn! He keeps that strong, presidential face in public, but I know that behind closed doors he unravels completely. It's hard for him, after all. As his approval rating drops lower, my people's respect and support for me is growing. He keeps pushing sanctions but I know it's just his way of trying to push me away. I just want to pull him into the bathroom of the next G8 summit, pull him close and whisper, "Barack, please, forget about your duty for just a moment. Can't you see what you do to me?"

    ...Anyway, advice would be much appreciated.
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    Arthur Kirkland Advanced
    I think you should do that, if you can handle the fact that he would never leave her for you. you dont want to be his mistress though do you?
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    Mia is LOUD Advanced
    Well, I would consider offering his some of that Putin Health Care, if you know what I mean. And possibly I would even consider revoking the ban on homosexuality in your own country before making a move (unless you're using that as a tactic to keep it a secret, in which case, smart idea). Anyway, much luck, Mr. Putin.

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