Giving yourself to someone

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Thread Topic: Giving yourself to someone

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    gfh012 Senior
    Maybe I'm alone in this opinion, but I think if you're an artistic person that even more than giving yourself to someone you love physically, sharing your art with that person can link you closer than anything else. Whether it's drawing a sketch of a person, or writing a story or song about them.
    I'm not saying physicality is nothing, but I feel more nervous and worried about sharing my art with someone than my body. Am I weird?

    Sorry about the total randomness of this, it's just I wrote a song about my boyfriend with the word "love" in it for the first time, and he wants to hear it, and I'm panicking about playing it for him.

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    Anastasia Hot Shot
    Though I have never given myself physically to someone I do agree sharing something I've made with someone takes a lot of opening up on my part. I have a hidden emotional side as it is, which links up with my creative life, so being able to roam in that territory would mean I must really like and trust you. xP

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